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Motorcycle Ultimate Urban Gloves


Color: Camel

Available Size  XS,  S,  M,  L,  XL,  XXL,  3XL.

Brand Euro Biker Gear

For Sizes, Please Refer to the Size Guide at the Bottom


Motorcycle Ultimate Urban Gloves Details

Motorcycle Ultimate Urban Gloves
An all-leather glove with its invisible shell and tactile index finger, a retro look, and a modern design, the Biker Gear Depot focuses on simplicity and comfort. The soft goatskin leather has a slightly aged finish for even more style. Markings are embossed on the glove, in keeping with the neo-classical style. This short-cuffed glove slips easily under your jacket sleeve, its elasticated wrist provides excellent support and a Lycra insert at the tightening point makes it even more comfortable. The leather is highly resilient against abrasions to provide more resistance between the body and the road for your protection, and also stands against wear and tear for product durability.
Heritage biker Gear has a lot of designs on Leather Gloves & Textiles and whole the designs are pure in quality. We have different colors and our manufacturers are well experienced and working from a long-time history in this field. We used pure leather for the premium quality of our products. 

Product Features:

  • CE certified glove
  • Supple, invisible knuckle protector
  • Reinforcement lines on palm
  • Index compatible with touch-screens
  • Short cuff with tightening strap
  • Elasticated wrist


Enclose the sizing chart for Biker Gear Depot gloves. Measure the size of your palm on the widest part in centimeters. Note that every motorcycle gloves is different. A sporty leather glove will become bigger over time and a textile winter gloves may have a looser fit so your hands do not cool down too fast in colder weather conditions.

Please note, the sizing Guide are are always an indication of your size. Your perfect size depends on a lot of aspects. The sizing information below is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. If you hesitate about your size, fitting is always better.

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