Heritage Biker Gear Semi Motor Jacket Genuine Leather

Heritage Biker Gear is a premium quality leather jacket-making company. We have magnificent designs made by professionals. Our manufacturers are well expert and work constantly. This Jacket is made of genuine leather that has long-lasting durability and you will feel comfortable after wearing this beautiful and heavy-duty motor biker jacket. If you are looking for an attire that will increase the beauty of your wardrobe, then you can take inspiration with this semi biker jacket made up of genuine leather. That is the classy apparel that you will surely love to wear anytime and anywhere. Get inspiration with the feature that includes a stand-up collar and front zipper closure that will give you the best fit all the time when wearing it. This Motorcycle jacket is made with quality material. This motorbike jacket has Pure leather that looks very graceful. The jacket has a directed full-grain thickness of 1.0. mm to 1.1 mm. The jacket is fully waterproof and has a fixed cotton inner lining resistant to abrasion and burns. It has shoulder protectors and a napoleon pocket zipper. The Jacket has an inner pocket for mobile protection and also has hidden zipper cuffs Heritage biker Gear doesn’t compromise on the quality of the material. We take complete responsibility that our products will be satisfactory for you. Our beloved customer’s satisfaction will be our satisfaction.

Product Quality

Our products are handmade, one at a time by one craftsman with precision and attention to detail, unlike the mass chain production. Not opting for chain production means higher cost but a better quality that you will notice in our stitching.

Product Feature

Heritage Biker Gear Semi Motor Jacket Genuine Leather



Thermal jacket pockets 2 

Chest Pockets 2

Inner pockets 1

Gender Men

Material Leather

Brand Heritage Biker Gear

Heritage Biker Gear

There are many styles of motorcycle jackets out there, and we’re sure you already have a few ideas, so start by anticipating your needs according to the type of trip you will be doing throughout the year. Beyond the look, your jacket must also protect you in the event of a fall and protect you from the elements.
There are summer jackets, winter jackets, mid-season jackets, and jackets suitable for all seasons. So below, we will list the main categories of motorcycle jackets according to the seasons and the materials selected for their designs.

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