Leather Chaps Men’s Motorcycles Platinum cowhide

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A good Leather cowhide Motorcycle Chaps will stay with you for a very long time. Introducing our gorgeous new men’s motorcycles leather cowhide chaps!

10 reviews for Leather Chaps Men’s Motorcycles Platinum cowhide

  1. Whitney Samford

    these chaps are great. much more comfortable than chaps that are in one piece, and much easier to put on and take off. these are made of what appears to be high-quality materials and are exactly as described.

  2. Jessica Young

    I’ve worn beltless chaps for quite a few years now. Bought my husband a pair of these a couple of weeks back and these are very good chaps, look and feel just like my old chaps…Great value for the price and will become your favourite chaps..

  3. Jason Suh

    This is great for the price. I got the 42 waist size and the tightest notch in the belt is that size. The thigh is a little tight so it’s hard to get to the side zipper. I feel as if I went a size smaller for waist size purposes the thigh wouldn’t fit. But a size bigger the waist would be too big so the belt wouldn’t fit but the thighs may have

  4. Shawn Lichtenstein

    The thighs are pretty big on me, but to be fair I’m small. The only negative thing I can really say is, there is a very strong odour. It’s not leather smelling, more like plastic. And it doesn’t go right away when you air them out. I’ve had then 2 weeks and the smell is still very strong

  5. Wade Lambert

    ordered a size 34 and it was tight without jeans on my thighs and calves. I normally wear a 33. Returning and ordering a size 36. Quality looked pretty good and hard to beat the price for real leather. They do recommend you order 1 size higher than your normal pant size.

  6. William Jones

    I’m 6’2″ and 37 waists i weigh 235 lbs with a 28-31 inseam. And these fit perfect. Baggy enough to wear jeans underneath but not so baggy that they will flap in the wind. No trimming of the length is needed for me. They seem to be of good quality but this is my first pair of chaps so I can’t compare them to any other brands. In my opinion, this is a great purchase

  7. Ian Glover

    “These feel pretty heavy duty and feel like they will work when needed. Easy to put on, easy to take off. The hardware is well made and feel as if they will last for lots of use.

    Ample size and room for adjustment and movement.

    They are not super soft leather, but if you go down, you’ll want the protection of tougher leather.”

  8. Daniel Gonzalez

    I had to trim them to length, but that was expected. they are reasonably thick, are pretty quick to take on and off, and are pretty comfortable so far. the buttons at the bottom aren’t particularly impressive, they seem to undo themselves with fairly light forces, but sometimes they stay together all day.

  9. Linda Burnette

    What a deal!!! Genuine Leather chaps. My husband loves them. They fit perfect and the fact there’s a lifetime warranty on the chaps make it even more valuable. The pants are trimmable if you find yourself needing them to be a bit shorter. Super comfy. Thank you for such a great purchase.

  10. Gladys Hickman

    Chaps looked great but the material is super thin and tore easily while unboxing is not recommended for riding, these things will rip up in an accident

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